Daily Archive: April 5, 2017

Apr 05

Baseball pitch count

High school baseball has a new rule this year regarding pitchers and a pitch count. In each game, pitches are counted and based on how many pitches are thrown, days of rest come into play. There’s also a maximum of 105 pitches that can be thrown by one player on that day.
After each game, high school baseball coaches submit the pitch count totals to the Minnesota State High School League. Coaches/players/fans can take a look at each team by going to the MSHSL website.  mshsl.org    click activities/baseball   click on pitch count.
Here’s an easy link if you’re interested to see each team and their pitchers and what they have thrown. There’s also a chart to determine how many pitches and how many days of rest is needed. If an area is coded in red after a players name, that pitcher can not pitch on that day.
It will be interesting how this comes into play during the course of this high school baseball season.
Pitch count chart and tracking, plus high school baseball teams.
Pitch count questions and answers.
Pitch count policy.

Apr 05

SC softball

The Sauk Centre vs LPGE softball game will be rebroadcast tonight (Wednesday) on Arvig TV at 8:00 on channel 14.

Apr 05

Sauk Centre track and field

The Sauk Centre track and field team competed in Morris for their first meet of the season. Here are the results…
Marv Meyer invite 2017